Wild Dreams 2023 is dedicated to wildlife all over the world whether a species is endangered or not. Wildlife is a precious gift that is sadly being taken for granted nor be taken care of. The human race has forgotten not only the beauty of creatures but their. Through my artwork, I hope to shed light on the true beauty and the true existence of wildlife. May it be a reminder that we are not the only living species on earth, but we share it with millions of other species. It’s our job as the dominant species to take care of these creatures big or small, endangered or simple.


Wild Dreams 2023 is series two from last year’s 2022 addition. Series two features 12 original photomontage artworks that all come together in Ralphi’s 2023 Calendar.


Stop poaching, stop deforestation, stop destroying. Start protecting.


Furever Wild 2022 is dedicated to wildlife everywhere. This is series one of my wildlife series that helps to bring awareness to wildlife across the world, exotic or small. Every year I will be creating a new wildlife series in the form of a calendar to share my original photomontage artwork and to help shed light on wildlife awareness.


My wish is that each series is a reminder of the beauty of animals and opens the eyes of humans to why it’s so important to take action and save wildlife from becoming endangered.

Furever Wild 2022 is a series one addition. Featuring 12 original photomontage artworks that all come together in Ralphi’s 2022 Calendar.



A graphic abstract geometric spin on the world. This series is a collection of original graphic shapes put together in a unorderly form to create a story. Still an ongoing profect, new additions will be added as inspiration as I interact with inspiration of a geometrical world.

Flower Food,

A continued series of flower portraits of all colors and kinds. Flower Food is a collection my flower most grand macro photography work. Flowers are a subject I don't shoot everyday, I only photograph one when it speaks to me. 

All Organic 2015-2019

Straight from the camera lens to a series of landscape, wonder, and love of nature. These fufiling places in the All Organic series consist of a all landscape setting. Greenery and water plays an important role in each to defining their beauty.